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Summit roofing REVIEWS
The Best Workmanship, service, abdominal customer service.
Deborah Arnold 
Reviews Rating
Martin was wonderful to work with. He made replacing a roof a lot easier . The crew came was done in 1 day and did an amazing clean up job. Thank you.
Theresa Salm 
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Emilo was awesome to work with about my roof. He brought samples of shingles and explained everything in detail. He even come back when the insurance adjuster came on a saturday. The detailed estimate i…
Marilyn Mehne 
Reviews Rating
I am a 40 year old man I've done this work since I was 16. When I came to summit over a year ago I was looking for a family oriented company who took pride…
Mike Huff 
Reviews Rating
We were 100 percent satisfied with Summit. They came back and repaired anything that had to be repaired. Nothing major but a couple of screens got scraped and they repaired them like brand new. They…
Patricia Box 
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